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writable surface you can personalize



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(writable surface you can personalize)


Be Creative! Be Expressive! Be Mighty! 


The "D.I.Y" Mighty Tote® has a writable surface you can draw on with pens and permanent markers to personalize it and make it your own or to give it to someone special as a one of a kind gift. 


Ecological, convenient, compact and lightweight are features which best describe our Mighty Tote®.  Weighing only 1.6 oz, the Mighty Tote® folds up discreetly in its own inner pouch for easy travel and convenience. The lightweight microfiber material is made of 25% recycled materials and the Mighty Tote® itself is recyclable. 


Each Mighty Tote® holds up to 25 lbs and is very durable because they are made of the thickest grade soft structure Tyvek® available. The tote makes a perfect occasional shopping bag, but is also rugged enough for everyday use. 


Printed with SGS Certified Environmentally Friendly Ink. 


Measures:  14” h x 13” w x 3.5” t