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At IReallyHaveToHaveIt.com we stock and sell unique gifts with a twist of humor. Our perspective is DESIRE rather than NECESSITY, infused with usefulness and meaning. We believe that you are intelligent enough to appreciate wit, wordplay, and conceptual thinking, so there’s no need for us to sell homogenized products.

We appreciate that you sometimes feel mischievous, stylish, witty, young-at-heart, and frequently prefer the humor of the truth to false overly-cheerful affirmations. We totally understand that you are practically numb from the mass production of well-wishing cutesy coffee mugs, the over-abuse of aroma therapy, and the avalanche of picture frames that look like a Pixie threw up all over them.

Believe me, we feel your pain, and that’s why we have decided to do something about it . . .  we hunt day and night for hip, smart, well designed products that work, put a smile on your face, and won’t break the bank.

We appreciate our customers and strive for friendly customer service and the timely shipping of quality merchandise, but alas we are merely human, and there may be the rare occasion that we become grumpy, and circumstances beyond our control (like hurricanes) can result in tardiness. We promise to do all in our power to make it right.

IReallyHaveToHaveIt.com selects products from the four corners of the globe that represent wit, creativity, value, and are designed and packaged with a sense of style and a twist of humor.

In other words, neat stuff that actually works, has a purpose, makes you smile, and won’t cost a small fortune. Do you need it? We don't know for sure, but it’s cool stuff that when you see it, we hope you’ll say. . .   I REALLY HAVE TO HAVE IT! ! !

Simply put: 

 I Like It . . . I Want It . . . I REALLY HAVE TO HAVE IT!

Unique gifts with a twist of humor.